May 28, 2023
European Commission building in Brussels

European Commission building in Brussels

©Xinhua/Zhang Cheng/Global Look Press

The European Commission proposes to introduce restrictive measures against more than 30 companies from China, Hong Kong, Iran, Armenia, Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates for allegedly supporting the Russian military-industrial complex. The EC also wants to impose sanctions against Russian legal entities, including those working in the field of information technology. About it informs Bloomberg on Monday, May 8th. The agency refers to the draft 11th package of restrictions on the Russian Federation.

The sanctions lists may include IT companies that have received licenses from the FSB. The EC is confident that this allows firms to provide technology and software to the intelligence community.

Other proposals include the imposition of sanctions against about 70 people and 30 legal entities, the extension of restrictions on intellectual property products and licenses for their production. The European Commission also proposes to introduce a ban on the export of additional technologies and dual-use goods.

On May 8, it was reported that the European Commission developed a project 11th package of anti-Russian sanctions and handed it over to the EU member states. EU countries have to agree on it.

Previously at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland reportedthat the EU will adopt the 11th package of restrictions against the Russian Federation no earlier than the end of May. The EU adopted the 10th package of anti-Russian sanctions at the end of February. It concerned, first of all, the tightening of supervision over the execution of already adopted restrictions.

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