May 29, 2023
Senate Palace

(File photo)

©Shutterstock / Fotodom

The dome of the Senate Palace of the Moscow Kremlin, damaged after a drone attack, will be restored by May 5. This became known from the commentary of the official representative of the manager of the President of Russia Elena Krylova.

“The two copper sheets on the dome will be replaced by tomorrow,” quotes Krylov TASS on May 4.

Earlier, the Kremlin speaker said that as a result of a drone attack on the residence of the Russian president, two copper sheets on the dome of the Senate Palace were damaged. According to the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, the sheets were “literally scorched”.

Earlier, the Kremlin said that in night of May 3 Kyiv tried to use two drones to attack the residence of the head of the country. The drones were shot down in time, no one, including the president, was injured. On this fact, criminal case under the article “Terrorist act”.

The Russian authorities have reserved the right to retaliate when and where it sees fit. Representatives of Ukraine refuted their involvement in what happened.

The attack of drones on the Kremlin was commented on in the world: Syria condemned drone attack, calling the incident a terrorist attack, and China urged Russia and Ukraine to avoid further escalation.

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