June 5, 2023

The kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms in the house, so it is important to paint it in a color that will emphasize the beauty of the room. Although there are many shades recommended by experts, there are also colors that are best avoided. In particular, the designer Penelope Jacobs (Penelope Jacobs) listed shades that can reduce the cost of even the most expensive kitchen interior.

First of all, she noted the color of green moss and sage. While green kitchens are gaining popularity in 2023, these two shades are best avoided. “They can make a kitchen look dark and dull. In addition, these shades visually reduce the space, which never looks good,” the designer explained.

Another taboo is shades of white. According to Jacobs, they make the kitchen dull, lifeless and flat. On the other hand, bright white also does not add style to the room, writes Express.co.uk. “White has traditionally been a popular color for kitchens because it gives them a fresh and clean look. However, bright whites tend to make a room feel cold and uninviting,” she said. In addition, this color is extremely impractical. Any splashes or smudges will be noticeable even from a distance, she added.

Dark brown shades are next on the list. They can be used as accents, but fully painted walls make the kitchen look dark, gloomy and small, Jacobs warned. In addition, such tones greatly reduce the cost of the room.

The designer also advised to abandon the red and yellow colors for the kitchen. According to the expert, both colors “stimulate emotions, but in a negative way.”

The perception of the interior is strongly influenced by lighting, so it is important not to make mistakes when planning and placing light sources. About the most common shortcomings in the lighting of apartments the designer said earlier.

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