June 5, 2023
Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala

©Armin Weigel/dpa/Global Look Press

The head of the Czech Cabinet, Petr Fiala, confirmed that the country’s authorities had canceled the decisions of the 1970s to provide the Soviet Union with land and real estate for free, and said that official Prague would continue to demand rent from Moscow.

“Russia has not been using these sections for diplomatic purposes for a long time, which was originally one of the conditions for these decisions,” the Czech Prime Minister said at a press conference.

According to Fiala, Moscow did not respond to Prague’s repeated calls to find a way out of the current situation, writes on May 17 RIA News.

Earlier on May 17, the ChTK agency, citing the Czech Foreign Ministry and European Affairs Minister Martin Dvořák, reported that the decisions of the cabinets of socialist Czechoslovakia of the period 1970-1982 on the donation of real estate to the USSR for diplomatic purposes.

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