May 29, 2023

Russian schools are planning to introduce digital literacy and information security lessons, such a measure is provided for by the concept of information security for children. It was approved by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

According to published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Information, the main goal of the concept is to protect children from information threats, as well as risks in the digital environment. “On the Internet, children may face various dangers, for example, with intruders who, under the guise of peers, can ask about the personal data of the child and his family. Then this information can be used for blackmail, threats or manipulation, involving children in destructive organizations,” explained in the government.

In order to protect children in such situations, the concept proposes to combine the efforts of the state and parents, teach schoolchildren safe behavior on the Internet, introduce information security lessons into the educational process, and improve students’ digital literacy.

For example, during such lessons they will be explained how to recognize scammers, what to do when strangers begin to find out the personal data of the child or information about the family.

In addition, it is planned to conduct educational events for parents and teachers, employees of children’s and youth libraries, as well as other professionals related to the education, upbringing and organization of children’s leisure time on an ongoing basis. It is also expected to develop socially significant projects for children and adolescents in the media.

It is noted that the concept will operate indefinitely. The authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation were recommended to take into account its provisions when compiling lists of regional activities to ensure the information security of children. Information on the implementation of such measures should be sent annually to the Ministry of Digital Development. The ministry, in turn, will annually submit to the Cabinet a report on the implementation of the new concept.

Mishustin signed an order on the approval of the concept of formation and development of information security culture of Russian citizens at the end of last year. It was noted that the culture of information security in the country will be instilled from an early age. And special attention should be paid to minors – it is this category that is extremely vulnerable to various threats on the Internet due to their age and lack of necessary knowledge.

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