May 29, 2023
Bank of Russia

The Bank of Russia is preparing several lawsuits as part of the work to return the international reserves of the Russian Federation “frozen” by the West. This was announced on Thursday, May 11, by the Secretary of State – Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Alexei Guznov, transmits TASS.

“This is not about a lawsuit, but about lawsuits, given that these are different jurisdictions, and this topic is really being studied. The work itself cannot be loud, you don’t have to talk,” he added.

Guznov noted that the information will be announced in full when all the necessary materials are prepared.

Earlier, the head of the Central Bank said that work on the return of “frozen” reserves in euros and dollars continues. It was noted that the Bank of Russia does not stop working on the preparation of claimshowever, this requires more than one day, since all aspects must be considered.

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Western countries imposed a number of tough sanctions against the Russian Federation, including freezing about half of the country’s foreign exchange reserves. Their total amount is about $300 billion. According to media reports, The European Union has reliable information about the freezing of only $ 36.4 billion, where the rest of the funds are unknown.

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