May 27, 2023
Credit holidays
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A mobilized or other participant in a special operation in Ukraine and Donbass can demand a credit holiday at any time until the end of 2023. He has the right to issue them retroactively, setting the start of the holidays on any date, but not earlier than September 21, 2022 and the date of the call to service to participate in the SVO.

This was announced on Thursday, May 4, at the Central Bank of Russia. Credit card holidays are the exception to the rule. They may start no earlier than the date of filing the claim, transmits RIA News.

The Central Bank emphasized that all interest accrued from the date specified by the borrower will be recalculated according to the rules for calculating them during the period of credit holidays. Accrued penalties, fines and forfeits for this period of time will be cancelled.

Since 2019, Russians have had the opportunity to reduce their debt burden with the help of credit holidays. However, only mortgage borrowers could demand such support. For other types of lending, the grace period was provided within a limited period of time and in compliance with the requirements for the borrower to reduce income.

Together with mortgages entitlement to credit holidays were mobilized, participants in the special operation, as well as members of their families. This opportunity can be used not only by the spouses and children of those who were called up for military service to participate in the SVO, but also by their parents and adoptive parents.

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