May 27, 2023
©Maksim Konstantinov/Global Look Press

In St. Petersburg, until July 31, 2023, a ban on the use of drones is introduced, and in certain water areas – jet skis. About this on Tuesday, May 16, reported in the press service of the city administration.

At the same time, the ban will not apply to drones of state authorities and local self-government, as well as other organizations fulfilling a state order, or acting in the interests of the media or the film industry (supporting documents are required).

With regard to the ban on the movement of jet skis, it will apply to:

  • Neva (on the section from the Blagoveshchensky to the Bolshoi Obukhovsky bridge);
  • Malaya Neva (from the Betancourt bridge to the Neva);
  • Big Nevka (from Ushakovsky bridge to the Neva);
  • Malaya Nevka (from Bolshoi Petrovsky Bridge to Bolshaya Nevka);
  • throughout the Kronverk Strait.

“The decision was made in order to strengthen the protection of law and order and ensure public safety,” the administration of St. Petersburg explained.

Earlier it was reported that in St. Petersburg created a division on sky control due to several restrictions on the operation of drones. The main task of the special department is to ensure air safety during mass events.

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