May 27, 2023
Poland Police

Polish Police (Illustration)


Employees of the Warsaw City Hall, accompanied by security forces, arrived at the school building at the Russian embassy and broke into it, breaking down the door after refusing to open it, a correspondent reports. RIA News from the scene. On the morning of April 29, representatives of the mayor’s office and the police gathered near the school on Kielce Street in the Polish capital. Representatives of the Russian embassy arrived there, including Minister-Counselor Andrey Ordash.

A representative of the Warsaw mayor’s office demanded to open the gate, but he was refused. Ordash warned that the Russian side considers all decisions to confiscate the building to be illegal, and the actions of city hall employees will be followed by reciprocal diplomatic steps.

After that, services specially invited by the Polish authorities began to break the gates of the school and managed to enter the building. Once inside, the Polish authorities blocked the gates so that property could not be taken out of the school.

In addition to representatives of the Warsaw City Hall and the police, only diplomats were allowed into the school grounds. Ordash warned that there were people in the building with diplomatic status.

Earlier, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs applied to the state administration with a submission “on initiating enforcement proceedings in respect of two real estate objects that are not used for diplomatic and consular purposes and are in the illegal possession of the Russian Federation.” This is not the first unfriendly action of the Polish authorities towards Russia: on April 26, the country’s prosecutor’s office seized the money from the accounts of the Russian embassy.

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