June 5, 2023

Several villages in the Graivoronsky urban district of the Belgorod region came under fire, no one was injured, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said in his Telegram channel.

In the village of Kozinka, one shell hit a private residential building, it caught fire. In another private house, there is “significant destruction of load-bearing structures”, a car is damaged. In another household, a fence was damaged.

In the village of Gora-Podil, a hay warehouse caught fire near a local farm.

In the city of Grayvoron, shells hit the territory of a motor transport enterprise, there was no damage.

In the village of Zamostye, the fence of a private residential household was damaged.

The air defense system worked in the region, part of the rocket fell into the garden of a private residential building in the village of Antonovka.

Vzryvotehniki and operational services began to neutralize.

Later, the governor clarified that in the village of Novaya Tavolzhanka, drones dropped an explosive device near a private residential building.

There were no casualties or damage,”

Gladkov said.

Later, Gladkov recorded a video message, saying that a “massive information attack” was underway in the Belgorod region and denied reports of an evacuation.

There is an information attack on the Belgorod region, calling for panic against the backdrop of massive shelling of the Graivoron region. I repeat once again: not a single civilian was injured in the Grayvoronsky district, there were neither wounded nor killed. I see that there is a massive dissemination of information with a proposal to evacuate the residents of the Shebekinsky district … this is a lie, ”-

he said.

According to him, false reports about the evacuation are spread on behalf of the local administration.

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