May 28, 2023

On May 12, the Ukrainian army hit Luhansk with two Storm Shadow cruise missiles and one ADM-160B MALD anti-aircraft missile, the republic’s representative office in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues (JCCC) reported on a telegram channel.

That evening, two explosions thundered in the Leninsky district of the city, a fire started. Then the representative office in the JCCC stated that the strikes were carried out by Grom missiles. However, retired Lieutenant Colonel of the People’s Militia of the LPR Andrei Marochko suggested that for the first time the Armed Forces of Ukraine used long-range missiles with a range of 150 km when shelling the city.

Plans to transfer long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine the day before the strike, on May 11, were confirmed by the UK Ministry of Defense.

[Ракеты] will allow Ukraine to push back Russian troops,”

Minister Ben Wallace said.

The Kremlin said that they were negative about this decision, and stressed that this would require an adequate response from the Russian military.

The Foreign Ministry called the supply of long-range weapons to Ukraine a red line for Moscow.


According to the manufacturer, the Anglo-French Storm Shadow has a range of more than 250 km, while the US-supplied missiles for HIMARS have a range of about 80 km. They are launched from aircraft.

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