June 5, 2023
Fire in the forest
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The area of ​​forest fires in the Sverdlovsk region as of the end of Saturday amounted to more than 33 thousand hectares. There were 53 forest fires in the region.

This was announced on Sunday, May 7, in the department of information policy of the region. How indicated in the Telegram channel of the department, the group of specialists who are fighting wildfires in the Middle Urals has been increased to 2.5 thousand people. In total, 496 units of special equipment are involved in extinguishing the fire. Helicopters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Il-76 and Be-200 aircraft were involved in the elimination of fires.

Over the past 24 hours, 15 fires have been localized in the Sverdlovsk region. We stopped the spread of large natural fires in the Nizhne-Tagilsky and Alapaevsky forestries. Eight fires were completely extinguished.

Large fires in the region continue to rage in the Artemovsky and Talitsky districts – more than 4 thousand hectares are burning there, as well as in the Rezhevsky urban district – there the fire area is 5.9 thousand hectares. In the Tugulymsky district, three fires were registered on a total area of ​​almost 5 thousand hectares.

Earlier, the governor of the region said that the situation with fires in the Sverdlovsk region developed critical. Assistance was requested at the federal level. On May 6, due to a fire in gunpowder warehouses in the Rezhevsky urban district of the Sverdlovsk region, an emergency regime was introduced. Subsequently, the head of the district reported that the fire extended to the city of Rezh.

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