May 29, 2023
Spring weather in St. Petersburg

On Saturday, May 13, St. Petersburg will be under the influence of a low-active frontal section. Its impact on the weather will be expressed in local and intermittent rains. It will not affect the air temperature: the city will still be warm.

About it informed in his Telegram channel, the leading specialist of the weather center “Phobos” Mikhail Leus. According to the meteorologist, on Saturday the temperature readings in St. Petersburg will exceed the climatic norm by 2-3°C.

The air temperature during the day in the Northern capital will be +18…20°С. In the Leningrad region it will be +17…22°С. On Sunday, May 14, short rains are also possible in St. Petersburg and the region. The air temperature will be warmer than the climatic norm.

In St. Petersburg, Thursday, May 11, can be considered the beginning of the summer period in the city. This was previously told by the head of the St. Petersburg Hydrometeorological Center. According to meteorologists, the weather will be favorable and warm about 10 more days.

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