Express VPN is currently the number one VPN in the world. Which won the Best VPN Award in 2019 and topped NordVPN and won the Best Premium Vpn Award in 2020.

As the premium stuff has to be used with subscription by spending money. But today I will show you how to use it with Unlimited Trial for absolutely free 🙂

How to get ExpressVPN Premium Unlimited Free Trial

ExpressVPN allows us to use their premium service for free for 7 days to test, after that we need to purchase a premium subscription and do not allow us to use it.

So you can take this 7-day trial again and again for life with its Mod app.

Where ExpressVPN app will automatically generate unlimited email and you can use unlimited time by changing them.

But before that, Auto Update must be turned off from Playstore because if Auto Update is not turned off, the version of ExpressVPN will be updated.

So now let me show you all the process in detail with screenshots

How to turn off auto update of apps from playstore

Before downloading the Old Version of NordVPN we must turn off Playstore auto update. Otherwise, even downloading the old version will not help, the app will automatically update.

First go to playstore and click on your Gmail profile picture and then click on Settings option

img 61220809bb0c4

Then, click on Network preferences > Auto-update Apps option

img 61220a109defc

Then select Don’t Auto Update app and click Done button

img 61220aeae37f0


  1. Then you need to download the mod version of ExpressVPN which will generate auto email

ExpressVpn এর Modify Features


◉Version : 10.15.0
◉Rating : 4.3
◉Download : 10M+

❏ Modify Info :

◉Unlimited Trial
◉Email Auto Generate Or Use Any Random Mail

◉Ads Disabled

◉Modded by DexUnpacker

🔥Download Now🔥

Download ExpressVpn From Telegram Group Download ExpressVpn From Google Drive

[ NB ] Of course you have to download the app given by me. Downloading from somewhere else will not work.
And if ExpressVPN is already downloaded, uninstall it and then download it

2. After downloading, open ExpressVPN app and click on Start 7-Day Free Trial

img 614f09176049f

3. Then you will see a Random Mail Address has arrived. You just submit and your account is done

In this way, after 7 days, when the trial is over, you can just logout and use it by submitting another Random Email, and if not, clear the data of the app and take the trial in the same process. This way you can use unlimited 😎

4. Then just connect to any server and start using. For those who play games with VPN, I would suggest Singapore server to use

And those who are PC users should use NordVPN Premium => How to use NordVPN Premium on PC for free

Don’t forget to connect VPN and run Facebook

Mark Kaku is now very aware that if you enter Facebook with a VPN, it locks the ID, so do not run Facebook while NordVPN is on, if necessary, disconnect and connect again later.

However, sometimes a VPN is needed for many functions of Facebook (to do Single Name, to do more manual work). That is a different account.

You can use a VPN if you need to, but don’t risk it unnecessarily.


I have come to the very end of the post, if anyone still has any problem, comment below or message us on Telegram .