May 29, 2023

Damascus, Syria

©Collage / Shutterstock / Fotodom

Syria has condemned the attack on the Kremlin by Ukrainian drones, calling it a terrorist attack and stupid behavior. This is stated in the statement of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter, informs Thursday, May 4, RIA Novosti.

“Syria strongly condemns the drone attacks on the Kremlin by the Ukrainian regime, ruled by the United States and its allies, and considers this a terrorist attack and stupid behavior,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.

The agency also stressed that Damascus supports Russia’s right to self-defense in the event of such terrorist attacks.

On the night of May 3, Ukraine aimed two drones at the Kremlin and tried to strike at the Kremlin residence of the Russian leader. However, the devices were put out of action in time, the Kremlin reported. What happened there was called an assassination attempt on the president and regarded the incident as a pre-planned terrorist attack. A criminal case has been initiated into the attack. Ukraine denies any involvement in the drone attack. Russian Ambassador warned about the answer Russia to the Ukrainian attack on the Kremlin.

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