May 28, 2023
Municipality of Mladenovac

The 21-year-old Serb, suspected of killing eight people and injuring 14 others, has confessed. This was reported by the prosecutor’s office of the city of Smederevo near Belgrade, writes news agency Reuters.

The man admitted that he started firing automatic weapons at crowds at three different points near the town of Mladenovac. He stated that he did this to “intimidate the population.”

The incident happened on Friday, May 5th. The shooter opened fire with automatic weapons from a moving car in the village of Dubona, Mladenovac community, located about 40 km from Belgrade. Previously, he started shooting after a quarrel with a policeman in the schoolyard.

After Dubona, the attacker continued shooting in the villages of Mali Orashye and Shepshin. Then he got into a taxi and forced the driver to take him to the city of Groshnice, where he was then arrested.

Later, the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the detainee was 21-year-old Uros Blazic. He is the son of a serving member of the Serbian army. With an official statement the President of Serbia. He called the incident a terrorist attack and noted that the detained criminal “will never get out of prison.”

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