May 29, 2023
Armiyat Sudan

The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Reaction Force (RSF) signed an agreement in which they pledged to avoid harm to civilians. About it informed Al-Hadas TV channel, citing informed sources.

Such an agreement was signed by the parties to the conflict in Sudan for the first time. Both the SAF and the RSF assured that they would do everything possible to ensure that no further harm was done to members of the country’s civilian population.

According to the document, civilians will be allowed to freely leave the area of ​​hostilities. The parties to the conflict are also committed to protecting health professionals and public institutions.

The armed conflict in Sudan has been going on since April 15. It flared up between the country’s regular army and the Rapid Reaction Forces (RSF). At the same time, both structures had previously participated in two coups d’état. The reason for the start of the clashes was the issue of integrating the RSF into the structure of the army.

According to the WHO, victims of conflict at least 604 people have become civilians since the start of hostilities. More than 5 thousand people were injured.

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