May 29, 2023

If you can’t wait to get a new haircut by the summer, but you’re not sure which option to choose, stylists advise you to pay attention to three hairstyles. They will not only give the image a fresher and more modern style, but also make the face younger.

Modern step

This is a layered haircut for medium length hair. Stylists especially love it when clients ask for a “rejuvenating option”. “One of the biggest mistakes women make as they age is keeping their hair the same length. This method becomes a protective blanket for them to hide behind, but we should not forget that strands of different lengths instantly make the face more toned and younger,” said hairdresser and makeup artist at Judy Inc. Andrea Claire.

classic bob

For lovers of short hair, Claire advised a classic bob that will never go out of style. “The slightly curled and layered haircut refreshes this classic look. Both hairstyles work with any hair texture,” she added.

At the same time, stylist Nunzio Saviano warned that non-textured haircuts would appear “flat and outdated,” making hair look dull and lose volume. writes She finds. If it’s hard to decide on a new haircut, Saviano suggested a simpler change – add bangs.


“A simple bang to an already established style is known as a French facelift. Yes, that’s what we call it,” Claire said. According to her, a bang-curtain is a quick way to soften the image and reset several years at once. A great example of this style is actress Goldie Hawn. The parting game also helps to soften the image.

Not everyone can boast of lush hair. For some, they are thin and sparse. Also, hair can become thinner and thinner due to a number of factors. Hairdresser Ona Diaz-Santin and hair expert Ghanima Abdullah warned about two common mistakesthat many women with fine hair do.

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