May 28, 2023
Falcon Heavy rocket launch

Falcon Heavy rocket launch (file photo)

©SpaceX/Global Look Perss

SpaceX has launched a Falcon Heavy launch vehicle with ViaSat 3 Americas satellites.

“Takeoff! … Fairings separated. Load relief expected in 4.5 hours,” – quotes RIA Novosti May 1, a message from the company on its Twitter page.

The rocket will launch the ViaSat 3 Americas satellite, which is designed to provide an Internet signal on passenger airliners and ships, in rural areas.

On Saturday, the Falcon Heavy launch was canceled a minute before liftoff. It was supposed to take place about a little more than an hour after another launch of the SpaceX-owned Falcon 9 launch vehicle with O3b mPOWER satellites. This rocket successfully launched at 1:12 Moscow time on Saturday.

If the Falcon Heavy launch had not been cancelled, then sending two orbital missions with such a short “window” could be a record for SpaceX. Such almost “parallel” launches from the Canaveral launch site have not been carried out by the United States since 1966.

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