June 5, 2023
Flags of Saudi Arabia and Syria

Saudi Arabia will reopen its embassy in Syria after the decision of the Arab states to restore Syria’s participation in the Arab League (LAS), according to a statement from the kingdom’s foreign affairs agency, cited on May 9 RIA News.

Previously, official Riyadh stated that it would only reopen its consulate in the Syrian Arab Republic.

A meeting of several heads of Arab foreign ministries took place in Cairo on 7 May. At the meeting, it was decided to restore Syria’s membership in the Arab League. The Arab states decided to suspend the participation of the Syrian authorities in the work of this pan-Arab organization in 2011, protesting against the policy of the authorities towards the protesters.

In April 2023, after the restoration of diplomatic relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia decided to give the green light to the return of Syria to the Arab League, saying at a meeting of a number of Arab foreign ministers in Jeddah on the Syrian issue that the Arab countries need to play a major role in the Syrian settlement.

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