May 29, 2023
Economy of Russia

At the end of 2022, the level of the external debt of the Russian Federation in relation to GDP fell to the lowest value in history – 16.6%. On Saturday, May 6, reports RIA News with reference to the data of the national Central Bank and statistical services.

It is noted that a smaller indicator than that of Russia among the largest economies was recorded only in China (13.7%). Russia is followed by India with an external debt of 19.1% of GDP.

The largest external debt was observed in the EU economies. In particular, the Netherlands, where the figure was 380.5%, Great Britain (287%) and Switzerland (280.5%) turned out to be “indebted”. At the same time, over the past year, the external debt of these countries has decreased.

The fourth place was taken by France with an external debt of 249% of GDP, and the fifth by Belgium with 242%. Spain, Sweden, Germany, Norway and Italy are in the top ten.

At the same time, seven countries increased their external debt in absolute terms. Turkey, the USA, Norway, South Korea and Poland were among them.

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