May 27, 2023

Demand for used motorhomes in Russia in April 2023 increased by 7.3% year-on-year. And the number of ads for their sale increased by 59.5% over the year.

About this on Wednesday, May 3, report “Auto news of the day” with reference to the press service of the online service for buying and selling used and new cars. Its analysts note that they sell both motorhomes with their own engine and a place for the driver, and residential trailers for cars. Their cost is very different.

Experts point out that the development of domestic tourism contributes to the interest of Russians in motorhomes. The most popular type of car camper in the secondary market is a mobile trailer. The average cost of such a motorhome is 800 thousand rubles.

In second place in popularity is the wagon-house. It is often used as a temporary accommodation for teams of workers (such as construction workers) or a mobile business. The average cost of such a motorhome with mileage is 420 thousand rubles.

In third place is a kastenvagen, a residential minivan. The average cost of such campers is higher – 2.15 million rubles.

That he grew up among Russians demand for motorhomes, wrote earlier. Residents of the country who had previously traveled abroad began to buy motorhomes. They can also be rented for a specific time, for example, for a vacation trip.

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