June 2, 2023
Post office

Russian Post applied to the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia with a proposal to introduce a mechanism to support the unprofitable network of post offices by charging infrastructure fees from participants in the e-commerce market, writes May 5 Interfax, citing a source familiar with the company’s initiative.

It is reported that the Russian Post proposed to oblige the owners of marketplaces, whose annual revenue reaches 1 billion rubles or more, to make a payment to the postal operator in the amount of 0.5% of the quarterly turnover of goods.

At the same time, Russian Post is expected to secure the status of a federal guaranteeing supplier of e-commerce goods, whose duties include ensuring equal accessibility of e-commerce goods for citizens and their guaranteed delivery throughout the Russian Federation.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, the Russian Post believes that such a mechanism will make it possible to ensure the availability of e-commerce goods for citizens throughout Russia, and will enable the company to fulfill its obligations to maintain and operate the network of post offices involved in the delivery of e-commerce goods. .

According to the journalists’ source, the bills providing for the implementation of the infrastructure payment mechanism have already been prepared.

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