May 29, 2023
Infantry Flamethrower

Infantry flamethrower “Borodach”


The new infantry flamethrower “Borodach”, designed for combat in urban conditions, has entered service with the Russian army. This was announced on Thursday, May 18, by Alexander Kochkin, deputy general director of the Tekhmash concern.

According to him, the small-sized rocket-propelled flamethrower (MRO-A) “Borodach” is an analogue of a rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade. As Kochkin emphasized, the difference lies in the fact that he has a thermobaric warhead. “You could say it’s a disposable grenade launcher,” he said. About it writes RIA News.

It is noted that the MPO-A “Borodach” was first presented at the international exhibition MILEX-2023 in Minsk. The goal of the “Borodach” is considered to be the enemy’s manpower in buildings and defensive structures, as well as automotive and lightly armored vehicles.

MRO-A “Borodach” was developed on the basis of the RSHG-2 rocket-propelled assault grenade and is intended for arming flamethrower units of the chemical troops. The thermobaric ammunition for the flamethrower creates a volumetric explosion by burning out oxygen. In addition to this method of destruction, the target is destroyed by fragments that fly apart at a speed of 1000 m / s.

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