May 29, 2023

Cosmonauts Sergei Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin completed their spacewalk about an hour earlier than expected. About it reported on the Roscosmos website on May 13.

During extravehicular activities, the Russians integrated a radiator-heat exchanger, which was installed on the Nauka multi-purpose laboratory module on April 19. In addition, they installed two handrails between the Nauka and Prichal modules and two halyards on the ERA manipulator.

Petelin and Prokopyev left the ISS at 18:47 Moscow time on May 12. Outside the station, according to the plan, they had to spend 6 hours and 18 minutes. However, the astronauts were able to cope with all the tasks faster and returned to the ISS earlier. They spent 5 hours and 14 minutes in outer space.

This was the 68th exit of the Russians as part of the ISS project and the third in 2023, the state corporation noted. Prokopyev left the station for the sixth time, Petelin for the fourth.

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