May 28, 2023
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland
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Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreev was summoned to the Polish Foreign Ministry to hand over a note to him because of the incident with the plane of the border guards of the republic. This was announced on Wednesday, May 10, in the Polish Foreign Ministry, transmits RIA News.

“The representative of the Russian Federation was handed a note of protest in connection with the incident involving a Russian fighter jet and an aircraft of the Polish border guards,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lukasz Jasina wrote on Twitter.

Earlier in Warsaw, they said that a Russian Air Force fighter intercepted a Polish border guard plane over the Black Sea. Authorities said the “dangerous event” occurred during a Turbolet L-410 patrol flight as part of Operation Frontex.

At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry emphasized that all military aviation flights are carried out strictly in accordance with international rules for using the sky over neutral waters. The borders of other states are not violated.

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