June 5, 2023
plane at the airport

Russian air carriers have asked to be exempted from paying windfall tax (tax on windfall profits), since the industry is not super profitable, and the profit received last year was provided by state subsidies. This was stated on May 13 by the head of the tax committee of the Association of Air Transport Operators (AET) Viktor Sakharov on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum (SPBILF).

“In fact, the profit that was received from subsidies in 2022, it will be spent on maintaining the fleet, somewhere, perhaps, on renewal, on the purchase of spare parts,” quotes Sakharov Interfax.

According to him, even with a tax rate of 5% (with early payment – “Profile”), we can talk about large sums. If we take into account the entire industry, then these are billions of rubles, he added.

In 2022, Russian airlines received over 149 billion rubles from the state. Payments under the damper (the mechanism for softening prices on the domestic market – “Profile”) for aviation kerosene amounted to 98.6 billion rubles.

Windfall tax is an additional fee that the authorities levy on companies when economic conditions allow them to earn above average profits. The tax is introduced for companies that managed to profit from an unforeseen economic situation.

Earlier it was reported that Rosaviatsia and airlines working on a correction route network in connection with the need to optimize the financing of regional transportation.

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