May 27, 2023
storm shadow

(File photo)

© David Monniaux / Wikimedia Commons

Russia believes that Western countries will continue to send weapons to Ukraine, but Moscow is ready for this. This was announced on Friday, May 12, by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov. Thus, he commented on London’s transfer of Storm Shadow missiles to Kyiv.

“Further pumping of weapons of Ukraine by the countries of the collective West continues and will continue. This is bad,” said a Kremlin spokesman, whose words leads TASS.

On the eve of the head of the British Ministry of Defense confirmed the transfer to Ukraine Storm Shadow long-range missiles. He called the move “Russia’s measured and proportionate response.” From his words, it is known that the range of Storm Shadow, which will be transferred to Kyiv, is 250-300 km.

The Kremlin has previously said that Russia extremely negative refers to the supply of these missiles to Kyiv. Moscow will respond adequately to such a step, Peskov added.

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