May 27, 2023

Since May 11, several dozen Finnish citizens have been unable to cross the Russian border at the border points of Vaalimaa (on the Russian side – Torfyanovka) and Nuijamaa (Brusnichnoye). Some of them had their visas cancelled. About it informs newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. At the same time, for many years the Finns have been traveling to Russia for cheap gasoline and food.

So, one of the residents of Finland said that on the morning of May 12 he went to a gas station and shopping in the direction of Vyborg, but could not get to Russia and returned without a visa. According to him, at the Russian border crossing they asked him for documents, after which they brought out forms in which he had to write his home address, telephone number and destination in the Russian Federation. In addition, he had to indicate where he received the visa. The man stated that he bought it from a Finnish visa company, but it was also required to indicate the inviting party in Russia, which was the Moscow company, and its name is written in Russian.

“I could not write the name of the inviter correctly, because I do not know the Russian language,” said a resident of Kymenlaakso. His passport was returned, in which the stamp “Cancelled” was stamped on the visa by the border department of the FSB in the Leningrad Region. A resident of Finland stressed that the last time he went to Russia on Wednesday, and everything went well.

Three more Finns were with him at the Vaalimaa border checkpoint, and their visas were also cancelled, the newspaper notes. At the same time, the man saw how an Estonian could enter Russia, who said that he was going to the dentist in St. Petersburg. Also, those with dual citizenship could cross the border.

According to the publication, at the Nuijamaa border crossing on Friday, Russian border guards did not cancel the Finn’s visa, but forced him to sign a document stating that he was denied entry into the Russian Federation.

“We have noticed that some people have returned from Russia, but we are not collecting information about why the trip of individuals was not successful,” Jukka Lukkari, deputy commander of the Southeast Finnish Border Guard, commented on the situation.

In March, another media reported that the Finns experiencing domestic problems due to the closure of the border with Russia. The article noted that local residents are suffering without the opportunity to refuel with Russian gasoline or get a haircut at a Russian hairdresser.

In April, it became known that Finland would erect a fence on the border with Russia, 75 km away. The Finnish Ministry of Internal Affairs believes that the fence will prevent illegal entry into the country.

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