May 27, 2023
Flags of the European Union and Romania

The European Union (EU) will allocate additional funds to Romania to support farmers who have suffered losses due to the import of Ukrainian agricultural products. This was announced on Tuesday, May 2, by the Romanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petre Daya.

In an interview with Digi24, he said that today he received a draft EU regulation. “We were told that we would receive €29.7 million,” Daya said. Writes about it RIA News.

He noted that the Romanian authorities will double all the amounts received from the EU to compensate for the losses suffered by farmers. This is what is provided for by the community regulations, summed up the Romanian minister.

On May 2, the European Commission decided to ban the export of Ukrainian grain to five Eastern European countries. The list includes Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. At the same time, the EC allowed transit agricultural products from Ukraine through these states to other EU countries.

The EC has previously agreed with the countries of Eastern Europe, including Romania, regarding the import of grain from Ukraine. The agreements provide for the allocation of an assistance package for farmers from these states in the amount of €100 million.

As reported at the end of April, the Romanian government approved allocation assistance to affected farmers. For these purposes, €10 million will be allocated from the national budget of the country in addition to the already allocated €10 million.

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