June 5, 2023

Singer Rihanna and a frame from the movie “The Smurfs”

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Singer Rihanna will voice the role of Smurfette in Paramount Animation’s new feature-length cartoon about the Smurfs. About it writes Variety.

The superstar made a surprise appearance at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where she announced the news. “I tried to get the role of Papa Smurf, but nothing came of it,” the singer joked.

According to the publication, Rihanna will not only voice one of the characters, but will also record original songs, as well as produce the upcoming project. The release of the tape in theaters is scheduled for February 14, 2025. Written by Pam Brady and directed by Chris Miller.

Rihanna previously voiced a role in the DreamWorks animated feature film Nome, which grossed over $380 million worldwide. She also starred in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Marine battle” (Battleship), “Eight girlfriends of Ocean” (Ocean’s 8).

The Smurfs are creatures designed and painted by the Belgian artist Pierre Cullifort (alias Peyo). They first appeared in the comic book Le Journal de Spirou in October 1958. In the 1980s, the animated series The Smurfs began to be produced, it was then that there was a surge in their popularity in the English-speaking world.

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