June 5, 2023

NAO24 was informed about this by the director of the institution Sergey Mishin

Photo: Sergey Mishin

Reindeer in the tourist center left in March by the Nocreta family from the Yamb To community. On the eve of the Syamyankhat Meret holiday, the animal injured its leg. The staff of the tourist center agreed to go out deer. They were assisted by veterinarians of the KU NAO “Station for the fight against animal diseases”.

— Now the deer is eating well. But a difficult period begins – the coat changes, new horns grow. The wound on the leg has almost completely healed, but it will take a little more time for full rehabilitation, said Sergey Mishin.

The name Hori was given to the deer in the Tourist Center. Translated from Nenets, it means “boy”.

Photo: Sergey Mishin

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