May 27, 2023

Grammy-winning rapper Pras Michel has been found guilty of conspiracy against the US government. It is reported by CNN.

“Rapper Pras Michel was found guilty in federal court in Washington on Wednesday on 10 counts related to an international conspiracy that reached the highest levels of the US government,” clarifies TV channel.

According to him, the performer participated in the conspiracy, acting as a foreign agent. The court believes that the artist was supposed to help Malaysian businessman Joe Lowe and the Chinese government to “ensure access” to US officials. This includes ex-presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

According to prosecutors, Lowe transferred large sums to the rapper, pursuing his own interests. Thus, Michel lost more than $100 million in his hands. In exchange for money, the rapper had to convince the authorities to stop the investigation against the businessman.

According to the channel, the artist could face up to 20 years in prison. A sentencing date has not yet been announced.

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