May 29, 2023

On Thursday, April 27, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev spoke at the XXXII session of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan (APK), the agenda of which is “A Just Kazakhstan: Unity, Stability, Development”. In his speech, he called the integration of all ethnic groups of the republic into a single nation, strict observance of law and order, and also announced that, thanks to the reforms, “yesterday’s strategic plans have already become a tangible reality.”

“Entered the practical stage of creation”

Paying tribute to the role of the Assembly in the political modernization of the country, supporting reforms, strengthening national unity, the President noted that Independence, territorial integrity, unity of the people, as well as peace and harmony are the unshakable values ​​of Kazakhstan, without which neither reform nor building a bright future is possible.

“Our people understand firsthand the true meaning of unity and tranquility. These are enduring values ​​for representatives of all ethnic groups who have survived difficult times and found shelter on Kazakh soil. Thanks to the recognition and respect for these values, our people live in peace. This is an unprecedented achievement,” the head of state believes.

Tokayev recalled that in its geopolitical environment, Kazakhstan has become the only country that implements such profound transformations. It will not be easy to implement what has been planned, however, the president assured, it is impossible to turn off this path, since all reforms are primarily aimed at strengthening the statehood and ensuring the well-being of citizens. According to him, a new model of the political structure plays an important role here, which contributes to the integration of all ethnic groups of the republic into a single nation.

“Now we have entered the practical stage of building a Just Kazakhstan. New ideas, new institutions, new social relations are actively being formed in society – these are real reforms that change the face of society and the state as a whole. What we recently spoke about as strategic plans has become a tangible reality. Tomorrow gradually turns into today. Together we make fateful decisions, together we build our common future. I am deeply convinced that such a unity of purpose will certainly serve as a powerful engine for our reforms. By and large, this is our most important, priceless achievement,” emphasized Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

National brand of Kazakhstan

One of the main victories over the years of Independence, the president called the formation of a new national identity, the real symbols of which were the turquoise passport of a citizen of Kazakhstan and the sky-blue flag of the republic.

“Our passport gives a person a full range of rights and obligations associated with the citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regardless of ethnic origin, religious views, social status. To have it means to be a citizen of a respected country in the international arena, to be able to freely visit all countries and feel like an integral part of the modern world. And this means always and everywhere to feel under the protection of your state. The passport of Kazakhstan embodies the progressive values ​​on which our unity and harmony are based,” the head of state stated, adding that when the flag of Kazakhstan is raised up at major international events, all Kazakhstanis are always overwhelmed with a sense of pride for their country.

Another striking manifestation of the national identity, according to Tokayev, is that today all citizens of the republic feel like members of one large and united Kazakh family. Such a close interweaving of traditions, interethnic and interfaith harmony, tolerance for other cultures, the president called the national brand of Kazakhstanis, their heritage.

“The cultural and moral foundations of our united nation are also patriotism, courtesy, hospitality, diligence, respect for folk traditions and family foundations. And this, one might say, is the moral backbone of our entire society. The centuries-old ideas of our people about the inner moral core of every person were based on this.

In this regard, Tokayev called for decisively suppressing any provocations aimed at undermining the unity and harmony of the nation, including various kinds of falsifications, fakes and destructive publications, whose rhetoric and actions are aimed at creating an atmosphere of distrust, inciting discord between people, and undermining state security.

“As responsible citizens, we must oppose any manifestations of radicalism, extremism and separatism, be delicate and at the same time tough, and ultimately be fair. At the same time, every citizen must be aware of the responsibility for their words and actions. You can not succumb to emotions, “lead” to the agenda of enmity and hatred. We don’t need other people’s information wars and ideological disputes,” the head of state said, firmly promising that all provocations on interethnic, linguistic and social grounds would be strictly suppressed within the framework of the law.

Tokayev recalled that in a democratic society, not only the rights and freedoms of a citizen, but also his duties and responsibilities are on the scales. Therefore, freedom should not be confused with permissiveness, and the culture of dialogue should not be perceived as weakness.

“To build a harmonious society,” the president is sure, “we need to ensure strict observance of law and order. This is the main principle of building a Just State. For its implementation, it is necessary to ensure the inevitability of punishment for any offense. The norms of laws should work not on paper, but in practice, and in relation to all citizens, regardless of their position in society or past merits.

“We will overcome all trials”

Each ethnic group in Kazakhstan had and will have the opportunity to develop their traditions, culture, language, the head of the republic guaranteed. At the same time, he noted that the issue of mastering the state language by all citizens remains the strategic direction of the country’s policy.

“This is a historic task that will have to be solved not only by the relevant ministries, but by the whole society, while not allowing insinuations and excitement, but acting prudently and progressively. Citizens who have not studied the state language and do not know it to the required extent should in no case be infringed on the linguistic principle. At the same time, in our society, the study of the state language, the desire to master it should become a daily norm.”

In order to encourage Kazakhstanis, who by concrete deeds contribute to strengthening harmony and concord in the republic, Tokayev proposed to establish ANC awards – for the best works in the field of literature and journalism and the best works in the field of culture and art, as well as to approve a new state award – the Order of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan “For fruitful work in the name of strengthening the unity of the nation.

Summing up his speech, the President thanked the ANC for the successful work, calling for further implementation of genuine democratic principles and values ​​in practice, to implement the principles of coexistence and interaction of different cultures.

“We all have something to protect on this sacred land, something to work and live for. The future of Kazakhstan, the fate of our children, the legacy of our ancestors – everything is in our hands. And we accept any challenges of the time with our heads held high. We are one people, and we will overcome all trials. I am convinced that by steadily following the path of building a strong state and a just society for everyone, we will turn our country into an indestructible monolith of freedom and independence,” summed up Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

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