All over the world, citizens are quite dissatisfied with the veracity and impartiality of the news. To find out how people really feel about this topic, the news in general, we advise you to take a look at this map. We can see that trust in the news varies greatly from country to country across Europe. The Finns are, moreover, the ones who trust the news the most (69%), followed by the Portuguese (61%) and the Danes (58%).

At issue are data contained in a report by the Reuters Institute. According to him, citizens of the United Kingdom and France trust the news much less than those of other countries in Northern and Western Europe. It should also be noted that in many countries in Southern and Eastern Europe, confidence in the news is below 40%, with Slovaks at the bottom of the table (26%).

Brazilian Fernando Sabag Montiel, 35, and his girlfriend Branda Uliarte, 23, were formally indicted for attempted murder in the September 1 attack on Argentine Vice President Cristina. The court also formalized the preventive detention of the couple, who had already been detained, and imposed a bond in the amount of 100 million Argentine pesos (about R$ 3.5 million). Through a 95-page resolution, Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti classified the couple as co-authors of the aggravated murder attempt.

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