June 2, 2023
Pope Francis

Pope Francis

©Grzegorz Galazka/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

Pope Francis met with Ukrainian refugees on the second day of his visit to Hungary. About it writes Reuters.

The pontiff came to meet with refugees at the Church of St. Elizabeth in Budapest. About 600 people were allowed inside, about a thousand more people gathered in the adjacent square.

“Even in the midst of pain and suffering, having received the balm of love, we find the courage necessary to continue moving forward: we find the strength to believe that all is not lost and that a different future is possible,” Reuters quoted excerpts from a speech in which The pontiff addressed the audience.

Since the beginning of the Russian special military operation, about 4 million citizens of Ukraine have become refugees. About 35,000 Ukrainians received temporary asylum in Hungary. In March 2023, the European Commission confirmed that the European Union is ready to extend the mechanisms acceptance of refugees from Ukraine.

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