June 5, 2023
Flags of Poland and the European Union

The Polish authorities intend to demand from the European Union (EU) to take restrictive measures against food supplied from Russia. This was announced by the Polish Ambassador to the EU Andrzej Sados.

How transmits RAP agency on Saturday, May 6, Warsaw believes that sanctions in this area must be taken immediately. Sados stressed that Europe is not threatened by disruptions in the agricultural supply chain. “On the contrary, we have a problem of surpluses,” the ambassador said.

Poland considers unacceptable the fact that, under the pretext of food security, it is allowed to import food from the Russian Federation into European countries, Sados pointed out. According to him, the issue of increasing the import of agricultural products from Ukraine is now being resolved.

The European Union has already adopted 10 packages of anti-Russian sanctions. As previously reported in Poland, the 11th package of restrictions against the Russian Federation can accept not before the end of May. At the same time, the European Commission has never advocated imposing sanctions on food imports from Russia, explaining this as a threat to global food security.

Russia is the leading exporter of agricultural products and is in 17th place in the world ranking. The range of deliveries is wide: grain, vegetable oil, meat, fish and seafood.

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