May 27, 2023
MIG-29 Poland

Polish Air Force MiG-29 fighters (file photo)

©IMAGO / Björn Trotzki / / Global Look Press

Warsaw handed over to Kyiv almost all of its MiG-29 fighters, which was what Ukraine asked for. This was announced on Wednesday, May 17, by Polish President Andrzej Duda during a press conference in Reykjavik.

According to him, the republic can continue to systematically supply the MiG-29 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, it is not ready to transfer American-made F-16 fighters, writes RIA News.

“We have a small number of F-16 aircraft and are ready to support the process of training Ukrainian pilots. At the same time, the number of F-16s that we have today does not allow us to talk about the transfer of any part of them to Ukraine,” Duda said.

In May Poland handed over to the Ukrainian side 14 MiG-29 aircraft out of 28 units that Kyiv has received so far. In addition to Poland, Slovakia also provided the MiG-29 to Ukraine. In April it became known that Bratislava transferred all 13 fighters to Kyivwhich she pledged to transfer as part of military assistance.

Earlier, the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance said that a number of NATO allies had already provided MiG-29 to Ukraine. Now negotiations are underway to provide it with other types of aircraft, he added.

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