May 29, 2023
USA and Philippines flags
©Shutterstock / Fotodom

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that the bases granted to the US military would not be used for the attack.

“I assured Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang that they will not become military targets to attack anyone,” quotes RIA Novosti On May 5, the head of Serbia delivered a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington.

He added that the States had never said that the bases would be used for the attack. The President stressed that the purpose of the bases is not like that. Washington also did not ask the Philippines to provide troops in the event of a conflict over Taiwan with the PRC.

As part of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, the Philippines granted the US military access to four new facilities in February. An agreement to transfer five more bases to the United States was reached earlier.

Marcos Jr. is on a visit to the United States. In the States, he met with President Joe Biden.

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