May 29, 2023

Russia is interested in observing the terms of the “grain deal”, but will not do anything that is contrary to the interests of the country. This was announced on Wednesday, May 3, by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

During the press conference, Peskov stressed that Russia would continue to maintain contacts with representatives of the UN and other countries, with the expectation that the terms of the “grain deal” would be fulfilled. “Russia will not do anything further that would be contrary to its interests,” the Kremlin spokesman said. Words by Dmitry Peskov quotes RIA News.

In addition, to the question of journalists about whether the expansion of the format of negotiations on the “grain deal” and the inclusion of countries that are interested in Russian grain is being discussed, Peskov answered in the negative.

As reported, the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that contacts on the “grain deal” are ongoing. However, they don’t bring results. The terms of the deal have not been fulfilled in the part that concerns the Russian agricultural sector, the official representative of the Kremlin emphasized.

Earlier, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation said that there were no concrete results that would indicate the fulfillment of Russia’s requirements on the “grain deal”. He reported that Moscow listed five systemic conditions to extend the deal after May 18.

The Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN signed a “grain deal” in the summer of 2022. The agreements provide for the export of Ukrainian food and fertilizers from three Black Sea ports, as well as unblocking the export of agricultural products and fertilizers from Russia. In mid-November, the agreement was extended for 120 days, and in March 2023 for another 60 days. The “grain deal” expires on May 18.

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