May 27, 2023
Loading grain onto a dry cargo ship

Contacts on the “grain deal” are ongoing, many questions on the initiative remain open. This was announced on Tuesday, May 16, by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“In general, contacts continue, they were. Basically, such a concentrated session of contacts. You know that it still remains an open (question). There are a lot of questions that relate to our part of the deal. Now a decision is to be made,” said Kremlin representative. In this way, he answered the question, what are the prospects for the “grain deal”, and whether Western countries are meeting halfway on the issue of ammonia supplies, writes RIA News.

Peskov also added that the Kremlin will inform about the prospects for extending the deal when a decision is made.

Previously The media reportedthat at the moment there are no “pleasant prospects” regarding the likelihood of extending the Black Sea initiative, which expires on May 18, yet. The Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN also stated that Moscow does not see no progress in the implementation of the Russian part of the “grain deal”.

Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN signed a “grain deal” in the summer of 2022. The agreements are of a package nature and provide for the export of Ukrainian food and fertilizers from three Black Sea ports, as well as unblocking the export of agricultural products and fertilizers from the Russian Federation.

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