May 29, 2023
© Artur Novosiltsev/Moskva Agency

On Tuesday, May 16, meteorologists predict partly cloudy weather without precipitation for residents of the capital region. The air temperature during the day will rise to +22°C.

Air temperature

During the day in Moscow, thermometers will show +20…+22°C, at night it will get colder to +9°C. In the Moscow region, the air will warm up to +18…+23°C. On the night of Wednesday, May 17, the thermometers can drop to +9°C.

Wind, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, humidity

Cloudy weather is expected in Moscow and the Moscow region, without precipitation. The wind is predicted to be southeasterly, it will blow at a speed of 4-9 m/s. Atmospheric pressure in the capital in the middle of the day will be 754 mm Hg. Art., said on the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

Climatic comfort and geomagnetic activity

Comfortable weather continues throughout the metropolitan area. Atmospheric pressure is slightly elevated, but the oxygen regime is favorable. Even in weather-dependent people, such external conditions rarely cause weather-induced exacerbations, report “Meteon news”.

May 16 daylight hours in Moscow will last 16 hours 18 minutes. The moon is waning, the UV index will be low. The geomagnetic field is predicted to be calm, with occasional periods of instability.

Flare solar activity will be low. There is a possibility of class M flares. The radiation situation is expected undisturbed, informs Institute of Applied Geophysics named after academician Fedorov.

Already from Wednesday, May 17, in the Moscow region it is predicted temperature increase up to +26°С. Such temperature indicators correspond to the norms of the end of June, or even the beginning of July.

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