June 5, 2023

The head of the region announced the completion of the stage of laying the fiber cable in their social networks

Photo: Alexandra Berg/nao24.ru

The governor thanked the employees of the organization who worked at the facility in any weather.

— Our signalmen have completed the main stage of the “digital construction of the century”. The entire cable of the backup communication channel is laid in the ground. The “golden clutch” is soldered. The signal went. There is still a lot of work ahead: to install the necessary equipment, test and check the performance of the entire line, assess the condition of water crossings in the summer, and carry out reclamation. But today, the most important stage of work to ensure the information security of the district has been completed, – said Yuri Bezdudny.

The construction of a fiber-optic communication line began in 2022. Then the NKES specialists laid 13 km of optics. According to the company’s management, all equipment, machinery and fiber optic network of the backup channel are of domestic production.

The fiber optic backup link will provide the county with stable internet in case there is a failure on the main fiber optic link.

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