May 27, 2023

The holiday began in the center of Naryan-Mar in the morning. On the street screen of the Arktika Palace of Culture, there was a live broadcast of the country’s main parade from Red Square. Also on the screen of the Wall of Memory near the Obelisk of Victory was an online broadcast of the Immortal Regiment. The project was prepared by the Sever TV channel.

Photo: Anna Plastova /

This year, the All-Russian action “Immortal Regiment” takes place in a new format. Portraits of veterans are placed on clothes, badges or instead of an avatar on social networks. The faces of the heroes today could be seen on the central square of Naryan-Mar. Many guests came with photographs of their relatives, front-line heroes. Among them is Svetlana Mikheeva.

– Like many mobilized, my grandfather Alexander Markov served on the Karelian front. In 1943 he was wounded, was in the hospital, we can say that he was returned from the next world. After the war he returned home. He has no awards, but we remember and honor, – Svetlana Mikheeva shared the story of her family.

The fate of the soldier Ivan Chuprov was told by his daughter, Tatyana Vaigachova, who came to the holiday with her daughters and granddaughter.

– My father went to Berlin. After the war he got married. He was a calm person, but when something went wrong somewhere, he could flare up, he had a cool character. Here he already has two granddaughters and a great-granddaughter, there are two more boys, ”Tatyana Ivanovna shared.

According to the recollections of his daughter, the father tried not to tell anything that happened at the front. There was a case when letters and news from the front did not come for a long time. Relatives began to think that he had died. But, fortunately, he was alive – he was wounded in the head. He recovered and further rushed into battle, reaching Berlin.

Photo: Anna Plastova /

As usual, a field kitchen worked at the Arktika Palace of Culture, a fair was organized as part of a folk festival. A photo zone was also created in a military tent, and the equipment of that time was shown.

Also during the festivities, residents and guests of the NAO sang songs of the war years.

See how the celebration went in our photo report.


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