May 29, 2023
Longevity Tehemten Mehta

Longevity Tehemten Mehta

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UAE resident Tehemten Homi Dhunjibhoy Mehta will celebrate his 102nd birthday on May 9th. He attributes his longevity to long walks and abstaining from all kinds of vices.

The man lives alone in an apartment in Dubai. Despite his advanced age, he does all the housework himself. Some time ago, he bought himself a house cleaning robot, but this contraption is still in the package. About it writes Khaleej Times.

Mehta was born in 1922 in Kenya. In 1980 he moved to the UAE. The man worked as an accountant in a five-star hotel. He held his position until 2002, when his age was discovered during routine employee background checks. As a result, the long-liver was forced to retire.

The man prefers a leisurely lifestyle. He starts his day at 13:30. After a cup of tea, he spends time reading or watching TV. A man eats food from a nearby restaurant or from a supermarket.

Mehta never married. He has a younger sister who lives in the UK. However, he does not at all speak of a desire to move there. “I feel safe in Dubai,” he says. And in London once he was robbed.

Previously lived to 101 years old woman explained that allows her feel young. She noted that she is supported by the love of her husband, who is 90 years old.

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