May 29, 2023
North Korea

The United States wants to make South Korea its nuclear outpost in the Far East, therefore, under any pretext, it is ready to deploy nuclear submarines on the Korean Peninsula, Choi Joo Hyun, an observer for the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), said.

In his opinion, by deploying a nuclear submarine and other strategic weapons on the Korean Peninsula, the United States violates the nuclear non-proliferation regime. By turning South Korea into a nuclear outpost in the Far East, the US will be able to “use it in its strategy of world domination,” he said. His words leads RIA Novosti 1 May.

Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK for US Affairs at the end of February also warnedthat any hostile US actions, including military exercises and deployment of strategic weapons on the Korean Peninsula, could be perceived by Pyongyang as a declaration of war.

The leader of North Korea at the end of March stressed that the nuclear weapons of the DPRK not directed against others countries. He noted that the country’s nuclear armed forces have accumulated a “powerful deterrent force.” At the same time, the DPRK strives for peace and stability, he assured.

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