June 2, 2023
Departure of the train in Bryansk
© Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

About 500 meters of the railway track was damaged after the explosion and the derailment of cars on Tuesday evening at the Snezhetskaya-Belyye Berega section in the Bryansk region. As a result of the incident, the assistant driver of the freight train was injured. Also, experts recorded a saltpeter spill. On Wednesday, May 3, reports RIA News with reference to an emergency services representative.

It is noted that a mobile laboratory of Rospotrebnadzor arrived at the scene, which took samples of air, water and soil in the area of ​​Snezhetskaya station and near the two nearest settlements. Express analysis showed no excess of harmful substances in the air.

The emergency services specified that a total of 26 wagons derailed during the explosion. Eight of them carried metal products, seven – mineral fertilizers, four – construction materials, four more – propane-butane fractions, two – calcium oxide, and one more – paper. It is planned to launch a drone into the air to survey the scene of the incident.

Due to the incident, a passenger train from Minsk to Adler was sent to a destination on an alternate route. In total, there were 70 wagons with various cargoes. It is noted that the explosion on the railway occurred approximately three kilometers from Bryansk. The emergency train arrived at the scene.

Previously Russian Railways reportedthat on the evening of May 2 in the Bryansk region, due to illegal interference by unauthorized persons, a locomotive and about 20 wagons of a freight train derailed, as a result of which traffic on the affected section was suspended. The governor of the region said that the incident occurred due to the operation of an explosive device. Prior to this, on May 1, it was reported that another freight train derailed due to the destruction of the railroad tracks.

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