May 29, 2023

India (file photo)


By the end of April, India will equal the size of China and become the most populous country in the world. According to the latest UN estimates, it will be home to more than 1.43 billion people, transmits TASS.

China has been ranked first in the world in terms of population since 1950. In 2022, this figure peaked, but then began to decline.

According to analysts’ forecasts, by the end of the century, China will have 771 million people, and India – more than 1.53 billion. Nigeria will take the third place in the list with 545 million inhabitants. The leaders will also be Pakistan, Indonesia, USA, Bangladesh, Brazil, Russia and Mexico.

According to experts, by 2028 the population of the Earth will be more than 10 billion. After reaching this indicator, the death rate will exceed the birth rate, and population growth will stop.

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