June 5, 2023
Elon Musk

American entrepreneur Elon Musk

©US Air Force photo by Trevor cokley/Wikimedia Commons

American entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Tesla Corporation, Elon Musk, expressed concern about the company’s current hiring practices. The businessman demanded that every decision on hiring new employees, including contractors, be coordinated with him personally. About it informed source from CNBC.

The TV channel also got acquainted with a copy of the letter that Musk sent out throughout the company. The entrepreneur explained that vice presidents should send him a list of requests for hiring in their departments once a week.

“Think carefully before sending me a request. No one can join Tesla, even as a contractor, until you receive my approval by email,” the head of Tesla said in a message.

Tesla employees took Musk’s message either as a temporary freeze on the hiring process itself, or as a signal that the entrepreneur’s attention, on the contrary, returned to the production of electric vehicles.

Many, according to CNBC, are leaning towards the second option – the other day, Elon Musk announced that NBCUniversal advertising director Linda Iaccarino will become the new CEO of Twitter. At the same time, only the very statement by Musk that he himself was leaving the post of CEO of Twitter caused stock growth Tesla more than 2%.

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