May 29, 2023

This was discussed at the weekly operational meeting of the Governor of the NAO Yuri Bezdudny

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The head of the region noted that the residents of the district are looking forward to the launch of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner.

– The question is extremely important. The launch of MRI is really long-awaited for all residents of our district. Many people no longer plan to go to Arkhangelsk or St. Petersburg for diagnostics. Residents are waiting for us to launch our MRI in order to undergo all the necessary studies in Naryan-Mar. Elena Stepanovna, how is the work going? – the head of the region addressed the head of the relevant department.

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/

— Now all the necessary documents are being checked. We are already ready to accept a Siemens employee to start commissioning work on our device. So far, I can’t say the exact date of launching the equipment, since after connecting the device, it will take 10 days to prepare. We hope that the commissioning will be carried out within 10 days, – explained the head of the department of health, labor and social protection of the population of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Elena Levina.

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/

Note that the MRI machine has already been assembled. A specialist from the manufacturing company Siemens arrived in the region, and on Sunday a calimator specialist will start working in Naryan-Mar. He will test and test the device in various modes.

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/

“There will be two entrances to the modular building where the MRI machine will be located: for outpatients – from the street, for those who are observed in the hospital – through the transition from the medical building of the Nenets District Hospital. There is a Faraday cage there, there is equipment for communication, a specially equipped control room, a room for staff, everything is installed in compliance with the rules. The magnetic resonance imaging machine is now being prepared for launch. We are waiting for specialists who will carry out commissioning work. We plan to launch in early June. The region already has the necessary specialists, but we are also training an additional doctor, because the need for this study is very large,” said Alikhan Garunov, Acting Chief Physician of the Nenets District Hospital.

To undergo an MRI examination, you need to contact your doctor, who will write a referral.

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